Crepe crouaze top & pants
795.00€ Ex Tax: 795.00€

Crepe crouaze top with sleeves & pants with lace..

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Elastic crepe jumpsuit
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Elastic crepe jumpsuit
598.00€390.00€ Ex Tax: 390.00€

Elastic crepe jumpsuit with bandage shapes on the top and open back...

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Long dress with rose gold sequins Sold out
Long dress with rose gold sequins
875.00€ Ex Tax: 875.00€

Long dress with rose gold sequins and embroidred gypour lace and transparency at the top and back..

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Long gipsy dress
485.00€ Ex Tax: 485.00€

Long silk multy colored bohemian style kaftan dress with embroidered at the front. The sleeves have..

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Long lace dress Sold out
Long lace dress
735.00€ Ex Tax: 735.00€

Long lace dress with small hoops and elastic banded details on the back..

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Long muslin dress
625.00€ Ex Tax: 625.00€

Long muslin dress with metallic golden XXX shaped details on the bustier and rip at the side. Dress..

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Long plisse dress
837.00€585.00€ Ex Tax: 585.00€

Long crepe plisse dress X at the back..

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Long sequin dress
975.00€680.00€ Ex Tax: 680.00€

Long sequin dress with net embroidered sleeves..

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Mini Lace Jumpsuit Sold out
Mini Lace Jumpsuit
825.00€ Ex Tax: 825.00€

Short new lace cotton catsuit with sleeves & embroidery..

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Muslin dress
495.00€ Ex Tax: 495.00€

Long gipsy like muslin dress with stiched in bra..

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Muslin dress
575.00€ Ex Tax: 575.00€

Long muslin dress with mettalic golden X shaped details on the bustier and rip at the side. Dress i..

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